About Us

Our Company Status

Established in 2000, Sapholda Ventures Limited is one of the most efficient and experienced freight forwarding companies in Ghana with a global logistics services delivery model with a focus on our clients. We provide services in haulage, warehousing, clearing and forwarding. Sapholda’s portfolio of clients has grown to include some of the most influential and dynamic companies in Ghana. Sapholda delivers top-notch Logistical solutions to all our clients, wherever they may be. We consistently strive to surpass our own successes and in so doing ensure the continued good will and success of our clients’ operations.


Sapholda’s vision is to become the best and most reliable Logistics Provider in Ghana, and to be a pioneer in the logistics industry in the West Africa Region in the next ten years.


Our mission is to provide customer means of Freight Forwarding, Clearing, Transportation and Warehousing of goods with higher reliability and speed than any other enterprise.


Excellence – We set very high standards of ourselves and strive to define cutting edge innovative industry standards in technical and managerial competence.

We work together as a team – we succeed by working together with others, inside and outside Sapholda We consistently support our colleagues, aiding them to achieve their objectives. We serve our customer better by serving each other well by coming together to build and deliver solutions in our teams.

Accountability – We create a climate of trust inside and outside Sapholda by being transparent. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and decisions and we do what we say we will do.


Mr Adolph Tetteh Adjei

HISTORY- I established SAPHOLDA VENTURES LIMITED with a simple vision to deliver top quality logistics products and services.

CORE VALUES- we pride ourselves in three core values which are EXCELLENCE, TEAMWORK AND ACCOUNTABILITY.

FUTURE AMBITION- Our ambition is to build a business group that will employ over 5000 people.

GIVING BACK TO SOCIETY- We will invest in social services such as education, youth empowerment and sports.

In conclusion: we want to deliver tailored measured product and services for our client.