Wednesday 2nd October 2019     Source: Sapholda


The final round of the league for underway on Wednesday 25th September, 2019. Due to the participation of clubs at the Africa Cup for Club Champions 2019 in Egypt this year, the association decided to play some the men and women matches on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Wednesday 25th September, 2019
GRA 1-0 Legon Knights (Men)

Friday 27th September, 2019
GRA ladies 3-0 Reformers ladies
Police ladies 3-0 Extinguishers

Saturday 28th September, 2019
Exchequers 5-0 Reformers (Men)
Citizens 3-2 NDK Financiers (Masters)
Multi Stix 0-0 Golden Sticks (Masters)
Real Ambassadors 6-0 Accra Academy (Youth)
Young Financiers 1-3 Ark Boys (Youth)
Kasoa Heroes 0-2 Tema Manhean (Youth)
Police 1-2 GRA (Men)

In the men’s category, GRA sit top of the table with 23 points from 10 games, Exchequers second with 22 points from 9 games, Police are third with 19 points from 10 games. Reformers are fourth with 6 points and Legon Knights bottom with no point.
In the women category, GRA are first with 21 points, Police second with 13 points, Extinguishers third with 4 points and Reformers bottom with 3 points after 7 games.
The youth category sees Real Ambassadors top with 27 points and Ark second with 26 points.
In the masters, Multi Stix are first with 18 points and Sapholda second with 15 points.